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Meditating in Mountains

Traditional Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine) takes a holistic or whole-body approach to health. Therefore, in order to get to the root of your body’s imbalance, we will take into account your whole well-being, not just your symptoms.

At our Clinic, everyone is treated as an individual and all our treatments are individually tailored to your specific requirements. We will try to find out how factors like your lifestyle, emotional and mental well-being may be affecting your health.

The initial consultation generally lasts from 20-30 minutes. This TCM initial half-hour 4-stage consultation involves observing your appearance, researching the history of the symptoms, examining your tongue, and taking your pulse.

You may be asked a wide range of questions about your symptoms, eating,  sleeping patterns, emotional states, past medical history, current medicines, and anything that may offer insight into your health.

Once we have gathered enough information, we can then produce a confidential report and a treatment plan.  This tailored treatment plan will explain your underlying imbalances, your timeline of care, and other health recommendations that can reinforce a successful outcome.

Often your first treatment can take place directly after this initial consultation.

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Jing prides herself on her professionalism. She has been educated and trained in both Chinese and Western medicine. Her understanding of both modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, allows her to advise from a balanced viewpoint and offer a wide range of treatments to people of all ages. Her practice offers a welcoming and confidential service, with a commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality. She speaks fluent English.

Jing was educated at Beijing Capital Medical University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 5 years, where she graduated in  1996 with a BSc Honoured in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Her degree covered both Modern Medical sciences (e.g. Anatomy, Pathology, physiology, etc) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (e.g. Yin-yang and five elements theory,  Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and TuiNa, etc). She then worked at the Beijing TCM hospital for four years, where until 2000 she held the position of a junior physician.

Whilst busy in continuing professional development, she also has been practicing traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in England for 22 years until 2023.

As a qualified, professional practitioner, Jing has a wealth of experience in treating various health problems, including respiratory problems, pain management, cardiovascular problems, skin complaints, gynecological, digestive disorders, fertility, and mind/emotional problems.

Jing is a fully insured practitioner member of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (FTCM), the largest professional regulatory body for TCM in the UK. Bound by strict Codes of Practice and Professional Conduct for this body, this ensures the highest professional standards of hygiene, sterilization, and safety in the practice of TCM.


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