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Initial TCM Consultation

TCM treatments aim to cure problems by restoring the balance of energy

Service Description

At our clinic, everyone is treated as an individual and all our treatments are individually tailored to your specific requirements. TCM treatments aim to cure problems by restoring the balance of energy, the diagnosis is a complex process and involves looking at you as a whole, including the environment you live in. Remedies treat the whole person, not just a single health problem. On your first visit, we will ask you general questions about your health, lifestyle, diet, relationships, and medical history. We will also use hearing, touch, sight, and smell to help diagnose you. This 4-stage consultation involves observing your appearance, researching the history of the symptoms, examining your tongue, and taking your pulse. Once we have gathered enough information, we can then produce a confidential report and a treatment plan. This tailored treatment plan will explain your underlying imbalances, your timeline of care, and other health recommendations that can reinforce a successful outcome. Often your first treatment can take place directly after this initial consultation. Most treatments involve acupuncture and herbal remedies which you usually make into a tea. Your practitioner will tell you everything you need to know. The first consultation is usually about 20 to 30 minutes long.

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